Benefit with current trends, big variety and huge selection from the fashion wholesale in the Internet and in Europe

A fast market requires a fast medium.
Use the advantages of the online trade for your commercial purchases. 
The market for style, lifestyle and fashion is huge and emotional. Even flexible young and small businesses have chances to survive there in the long term, because the market happens in many different dimensions. 
Stay always up tp date with trends, ideas and supplier sources that help you to find and keep customers. zentrada offers you an unique marketplace with many sources and ideas for and from the European market. Furthermore, you can manage your orders convenient, easy and safe with TradeSafe.

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are the key to the young target groups and more visitors online. 

Your Advantages in the Fashion Purchase 

  • Where else do you have a summary of many thausand offers from all over Europe, which you can order 356 days a year and also short term.
  • You can only benefit form our bestseller rankings, product recommendations and popularity indexes that show you the current trends.
  • 100% Buyer Protection and Best Price Guarantee* with the free TradeSafe oder processing in the
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Your Advantages in the Fashion marketing

  • You are seldomly able to reach more than 100.000 commercial members with an exclusive or significant interest in fashion products so easy, fast and cost-efficient.
    Perfect for the fast growing fashion business! 
  • European-wide promotion and marketing processing with our order marketplaces, news services and service teams in 8 countries. 
  • No financial risks and fixed costs. Easy weekly statement of transactions and outpayment.
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zentrada Buyer Worlds and Product Groups Fashion & Accessories 

more than 40.000 current fashion offers invite you to searching and comparing, and provide a unique variety of product ideas and assortments for the online purchase. 
The connects many independent fashion retailers with the top suppliers from all over Europe – the Internet makes it possible. 
We offer you as a retailer with a free zentrada membership the online access, the central online order systems and the TradeSafe Buyer Protection (free for the Buyer) with our service departments in 8 european countries. 
Benefit from the continuously growing supply and the experiences of a modern and limitless buyer community for your success. 

Fashion Supplier with top Prices from throughout Europe 

You are searching for flexible suppliers who are able to deliver to the current trends and seasons even small amounts in the short term. 
Your zentrada account opens you the door to the wholesale shops and salesrooms from more than 100 fashion suppliers with their current prices. Customer evaluations, feedbacks and rankings inform you about the strenghts of the suppliers. 
The free TradeSafe order processing guarantees you our 100% Buyer Protection and makes the order and reorder management easy and convenient online, even with many different suppliers.

Order Top Brands or Low Price Products Directly Online Short-term and in Small Amounts 

In the fashion business you can´t afford big inventories and risks. It doesn´t matter if you find products really easy with the search function and compare the prices or if you use the product categories and buyer world to get to know new product ideas or trends: zentrada provides you with the right way to your themes. During these processes the Performance Index (PFI) informs you about the popluarity of particular products and additionally rankings show the bestseller and most successfull suppliers.   

Conveniant Managing of Different Suppliers and Orders

Your TradeSafe order portal provides you a complete summary of all your suppliers, shopping carts, offers, orders and reorders. The processing is that easy, that it is no problem anymore to make small or big orders throughout europe without any language knowledge. 
In addition informs you the email alert automatically about new offers from your suppliers or about new products to your search criterions.

100% Buyer Protection and Best Price Guarantee* in the Wholesale Purchase 

With the payment through TradeSafe you enjoy the free Buyer Protection. In this process the supplier doesn´t receives the money until he delivered successfully. The TradeSafe Customer Service would work on a quick solution, if any problems occurred. 
The supplier as well makes his processing easier and increases his security, but has to pay for the expanses of this service. 
Furthermore the supplier guarantees you through TradeSafe the same prices and special discounts he would give in a direct order. (*doesn´t include long time customers)

Our Supply for the Fashion Retail Industry 

The fashion trade exists on the variety, customer focus and trends that are based on the creativity and customer focus of many small suppliers and dealerships.

The fashion industry is based on styles, trends and constantly new collections to create more variety and incentives to buy and to differentiate themselves in the competition.
The Internet and Europe are the perfect supplying environment for that. zentrada provides the variety, speed, flexibility and cost savings that the independent retailer in fashion, style and accessory needs.

The different assortments add up perfectly for the target groups in the fashion trade.
Besides the classic textiles count shoes, jewelry, watches, brand articles, bags, umbrellas and everything else from fashion accessories and brand articles that a customer can imagine to fashion. Additional assortments create revenue, motivate and commit customers and are therefore necessary in the fast changing fashion business.
350.000 retailers have in the wholesale network from zentrada today access to more than 1.000 importers, producers and wholesalers from all over Europe with more than 400.000 trend products, assortment goods and remnants. zentrada-Fashion is one of the key devisions in the online trade on zentrada and has for this reason its own Buyer World. Furthermore, has Fashion & Accessories its own navigation and design structure.

Visit our Product Group Fashion & Accessories or our Buyer World Fashion & Accessories without any commitments for a first overview of the thousands of current offers for your wholesale purchase.

The wholesale supply in the fashion department is huge, changes constantly and ranges from working clothes, swim fashion, glasses, lingerie & underwear, erotic clothing, belts, gloves, dress shirts & blouses, pants, jeans wear, children & baby clothing, dresses, headgear, coats & jackets, nightwear, pullovers, sweatshirts, skirts, shoes, traditional clothing to rags and scarves.

Search for Fashion

and you will find bestseller and thousands of current offers and wholesale shops from throughout Europe, like Textiel Trade, Shaghafi Wholesale, Bajwa Fashion Wholesale , Jun See Buchis Wholesale oder Kiddystores and many more .....

Der Fashion trade exists on brands and license themes or super good prices.

adidas, Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Nike, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Disney, Hello Kitty, Monster High, Calvin Klein, La Martina, S. Oliver, Wolfskin …

.... are the top key words and available as assortments, special goods and remnants to great prices.
Besides that, we also provide a lot of B-brand and no-brand product ideas, novelties and products in the really cheap price levels.

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